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Wander through and slag the opinions I so unabashedly spout forth. Not much in the way of updates, our flying field is flooded out for probably the rest of the year. Might as well use the time to prepare for Y5G, when the sun will run out fuel.

I fly radio control sailplanes with the Calgary Radio Control Soaring Society. The club flies thermal soaring at a field just south of Calgary, Alberta and slope crashing at various locations within the city.

Here are some articles I have written, some are for entertainment and some are attempts to be informative.

Before believing anything I write, please read this disclaimer

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Construction Articles

Roll CF booms for fuselages

Build a really strong spar

A cheap vac bag system

World's messiest workshop

Roll a Carbon Tailboom Build a Composite Spar Homemade Vacuum Bagging My Workshop

Flying Articles

How to read lift Get your plane flying right Ooops, missed!
Thermal Flying Trimming Open Class Planes Landing Patterns, Windy Flying

Other Articles

Flying RC in 1977 RC Soaring test
My Early RC Soaring Rack Crossbar Fairings Are You Nuts?

Zlog Altimeter

Chair Turntable

Tim McCann Winch

Some Aerial photos

Current Planes (Too Many?)

Thermal Duration:

The Viking Mk. II still flies on occasion but these are getting more air time. The Thermal Eagle, Bird of Prey, Diamond and Emerald have been sold. 

Here is a relative comparison of subjective performance of these planes.


Go to Cobra Page Go to 2m Badger Page

Just out of the box

Bubble Dancer RES

The Cobra

Bird of Time

2m Badger

Icon Lite

Page under construction

Skydancer Supra NEW>>Super AVA Escape NEW>>Icon 2

Slope misc. crate packing material

Also have a couple of composite Zippers, an S400 Koleos

Click to see catapult launch pictures.    


Nemesis 4m HF ASW 28 ASW27b     Electron 60


The first HLG I ever had was a semi-kit from Mike Reagan in 1992, weighed 18 oz with a Eppler 387 wing. The planes we have now are beyond what could have been imagined 10 years ago. Handlaunch in the yard is still the best, fifteen minutes to spare and its up, up, and away. The Wizards, Monarchs and Feather XL are long gone, now I build my own.

go to DLG page

 Spin Cycle DLG SuperGee DLGs  

Retired Planes

These are planes that have been sold or sacrificed. In the never-ending battle between 5 lb. plane and zillion pound planet, the planet has never lost.


Bird of Prey

F3B Diamond

HLG Feather

Composite Legionair

Page under construction

Badger Fiat

Aegea 130

Pike Superior


These pages are stale since I have not been doing any RC soaring in 2006. 

Some of my other interests and where I go fly fishing.

Bunch o' Links

  1. Calgary RC Soaring Society - the home field.
  2. Download a Stylus Glider Card Template in Excel 3.0 format.
  3. Download a spreadsheet for glider dihedral design calculations in Excel 3.0 format.
  4. LSF and CSS.  I'm LSF 3102 since 1977 and still working on level 2.
  5. Tim McCann Skids and Skegs, I have one or both of these on all my TD planes, and the new winch.
  6. Great Hobbies
  7. go to MAAC websiteModel Aeronautics Association of Canada ,
  8. Prop Twisters(?) Soaring with articles by Les Grammer.
  9. Torrey Pines Gulls, with lots of good reference articles on RC Soaring.
  10. Trick R/C, makers of the Zagi

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