North Fork Outdoors (Scadden) Outlaw Renegade Pontoon Boat

The Renegade is a frameless pontoon boat designed by Dave Scadden. I already have a Outcast PAC 9000 framed pontoon boat, this boat will be for tranporting in the trunk of my car when there is drive up access to the lake shore.

The boat has several useful features for improved transport and light weight.

Folds up into a two duffel size package:

Actual weight of parts:

Item Weight (lbs) Mass (kg)
Boat 27 12.2
Oars, pockets, footbar, seat, apron and pump 13 5.9
Force Fins 3.4 1.55
PFD 1.7 0.78
Rod and anchor mounts 2.2 1.03
Sonar and battery 6 2.7
Total 53.3 24.1

Add to this weight your fishing gear, clothing, safety kit and lunch.

The advertised weight of the boat is 28 pounds (12.7 kilos). Despite what Scadden would like you to believe, this boat is not suitable for packing around. By the time you add items necessary for any fishing day trip (oars, pump, fins, fly rod, tackle, PFD, rain gear, lunch etc.), it is unreasonable to carry that much stuff. In one of his You Tube videos he is seen on a mountain bike, but not carrying anything except the boat which would be unusable without the second bag of necessary stuff. Keep the float tube for those hike in lakes.

The side pockets that NFO provides are really nice, except that they are too tall. When rowing, the ends of the pockets hit the oar handles on each stroke which is really annoying. I swapped the side pockets for my Outcast pockets to solve this problem. Some taller people have trouble finding a good seat position for rowing without hitting their knees. The foot bar is not adjustable so your will have to add chain links or something to extend the footbar away from the seat if this is a problem for you. After some fiddling, I found a seat position that is comfortable for sitting as well as rowing. The soft seat needs to be lashed down tightly to provide any back support, even then it is not nearly as comfortable as the standard hard seats on framed boats.

Added accessories:

Anchor mount and anchor. If you are fishing lakes an anchor is a necessity to fish stationary. The Scotty Anchor Mount is perfect for this application with a 8 pound downrigger ball.

Rod holder. There are many time you want to move locations without reeling in, so get a rod holder. A fish on at the wrong time and the rod and reel are lost. This rod holder is a Scotty with a strap mount made from molded carbon fiber. Yes I mold my own carbon parts.

Dry bag for storage - the standard kayak bags can be stashed on the rear deck to keep things dry and secure.

Stripping Apron -  no stripping apron is sold or provided. A couple of cup hooks and the Outcast apron is mounted.

Fish finder mount - In lakes a fish finder is a good tool. I made an all-in-one strap mount for the Humminbird using a Scotty base and PVC fittings for the transducer.

Lash points - There are lash points for the seat but more are necessary to carry cargo on the rear deck. Any rafting store will sell D-ring patches for gluing on to the boat skin and can secure more items.


The lighter weight is noticable when maneuvering the boat compared to the much heavier framed pontoon boats. You do sit quite high up so the wind affects the boat, particularly cross winds. The short oars make the rowing less efficient but they are acceptable unless you intend to row for hours. I have rowed my framed pontoon boat for 45 minutes to go 3 miles, but would not want to do that in this boat.

I like this boat for the transportablity, and recognize that the drawbacks are minimal for that convenience. For transporting the framed boat, a pickup is still best, but the gas savings by taking the car make it worthwhile to use this one. It has not been out on a river yet, the drift boat is better suited for that.

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